So far, according to VCCI, small and medium size companies have not paid enough consideration to digital tranformation, but that is something should be done right away.

Digital Transformation Should be Considered National Target
Pham Dinh Vu from Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI)
Today, Bizlive hold the talk named “Digital Banking and the Specific Ecosystem”. Economist Can Van Luc said that the definition digital banking is often misunderstood as digital activity in the traditional banking system. 
According to Luc, the understanding that digital banking is banks will digitalize all activities are correct but not sufficient. Luc pointed out that digital bank is the new business model, new approach with new values, not just digitalize what already exist.
The digital banking contents, in the opinion of Luc, are: The integrity of distribution channels, diversifying the channels so that consumers can get easy access to banking services. In which, all channels should have the connectivity so that to ensure the customers’ experience. 
The digital banking development must count on the three following factors: eco-system forming to serve customers; customer base development and customer-center strategy. All those steps will help to bring new experiences to customers, change the interaction methodologies between customers and banks.
As the representative for the small and medium size companies, Pham Dinh Vu from Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) remarked that though digital banking is very convenient but many companies are still reluctant. Thus he thought that it is now the time to speed up the national digitalization process. 
Accordingly, by 2025, there should be at least 20 percent of companies finish the digitalization. This means that the number of companies completing digital transformation at the moment is still low. Much has been talked about 4,0 revolutionization but little has been done towards that.
Vu thought that the digital tranformation for companies should start from the leaders. They must recognize the value of digital transformation. Apart from that, there are some companies leaders who are fully aware of the role of digital tranformation but they can not mobile the necessary resources.
In the case of commercial banks, the commercial banks should know how to convey the messages to the customers and carefully estimate the benefits for customers and help them to change minds.
So far, according to VCCI, small and medium size companies have not paid enough consideration to digital tranformation, but that is something should be done right away. 
VPBank Director of Digital Sales & Partners, Nguyen Chien Thang, showed great hopes for the future of digital transformation. Thang said that in VPBank, the number of small and medium size companies paying taxes through banks is huge. This serves for their own convenience because when they pay taxes through banks, they do not have employ more human for this company operation. 
VPBank also integrates accounting software into Internet banking of the companies so that to release reports of tax payment most efficiently.
Economist Can Van Luc said that in order to make the tax payment through banks become more popular, commercials banks should run more media campaigns targeting companies. 
Luc proposed the methods that Government should do to complete the national campaign on cashless payment with the experience learnt from Thailand. In 2016, Government announced on the cashless payment campaign based on the development of technology, this campaign should always be updated to pave the way for the cashless payment to meet with the actual demand. At the same time, the laws should be adjusted to encourage more experiments. 
Moreover, the Government should issue the national strategy on comprehensive finance, in which the very important component is finance education, in which personal finance should be taught as a compulsory subject from the high school level.
Thirdly, the Government should finish the laws governing fintech, bigtech with the experience learnt from China and other high tech solutions attached with the technology like peer lending, community fund mobilization, e-wallet but at the same time manage the risks related and increase financial access for citizens and companies.
Fourthly, the local administration should finish the demography database thus this is the prerequisite for the developent of digital development in particular and digital finance in general.
Last but not least, Vietnam should apply the international principles to govern the use of information technololgy to ensure security. 
Each commercial bank should consider that digital transformation a strategy and business model but not just pure technology project. 

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