Retailers in Hanoi Rush to Promote Businesses when Trump – Kim Summit Approaches

Diep Nguyen

10:42 22/02/2019


The Trump-Kim summit brought about the value chances to make their products unique and more popular.

Retailers in Hanoi Rush to Promote Businesses when Trump – Kim Summit Approaches


Truong Van Duc has been running his clothing store in Hang Bong Street, Hanoi for about 20 years. He mainly sells T-shirts and other kinds of souvenirs for travellers and tourists from all around the world. 
Recently, when he heard the news that the Trump – Kim summit will be officially held in Hanoi, he said: “Like all other Vietnamese, I feel very delighted and looking forward to the event”.
In recent days, he became famous for selling T-shirts with Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump images. Those products quickly become the favorite of many young people, the familiarity has surged far beyond Duc’s initial expectation.
Each T-shirt is sold at the price of abour $5. Duc said that on the first day of selling, 200 T-Shirts was sold out, his staffs had to work nonstop through day till late at night. 
Other retailers quickly try to grasp this unique chance of doing business. One restaurant owner in Hanoi revealed that his restaurant also designed the special menu for the Trump-Kim summit days. 
Ngo Dinh Tien, the bartender in one restaurant in Hang Than street – Hanoi, said that last week, the restaurant owner and staffs came up with the idea that they should make a cocktail to welcome the event of Trump-Kim summit. And after several days of mixing and tasting, they made the new special cocktail named “Make the world great again” or “Make the world happy again”.
This kind of drink quickly got the attention and interests from many customers. Some even suggested the restaurant owner to name the cocktail “Make the world safe again”. The cocktail was made from the famous American whisky and sochu wine of South Korea.
Many other restaurants in Hanoi joined in the race to promote themselves when the summit is coming near. Another restaurant in Mydinh area put up the very huge banner with the images of Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump. So many customers have been interested in taking photos with them.


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