Los Angeles Mayor: Direct Flight Will Lead to Stronger Cooperation in Business, Education

Diep Nguyen

17:14 31/07/2018


US wants to welcome more Vietnamese businessmen and students, according to Los Angeles Mayor, Eric Garcetti.

Los Angeles Mayor: Direct Flight Will Lead to Stronger Cooperation in Business, Education

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti - Photo: Reuters

Many US cities have established the sister relations with many cities around the world, so is there any chance that Los Angeles and Hanoi can become sister cities in the future?
I will be so happy that we can have such relation. Actually, we have talked with President Trump about the establishment of sister city and he said he is interested. First we need to sign the memorandum of understanding then the second step is to create the sister city relation. Before Hanoi, we have had the sister city relation with Nagoya, Pusan, Quangzhou, etc. We need Vietnam and we want Hanoi. 
After the direct flight, there will be the cooperation between companies from the two countries. What are the fields that American companies are interested in?
We talked to the Vice Minister of Trade and we encouraged him to open the trade office in Los Angeles. Los Angeles now is the third biggest city economy in the world. Tokyo is the biggest, New York is number two and we are almost the size of New York now. And this makes a lot of senses.
There are plenty of fields that we are interested in. One is clean technology, green companies that produce  electric vehicles; do pollution reduction; water purification; solar and all of this.
The next one is apparel. Los Angeles is the fashion designer of US. Three, we think that education and tourism will be the next to develop. We want to see more Vietnamese students study in Los Angeles and we want more tourists come as well. The fourth one will be technology, digital technology. Many people dont know that Los Angeles have more technical jobs than Silicon Valley now. We have virtual reality, Hollywood, Internet companies, biotechnology.
And not just the investment from US to Vietnam, we welcome investment from Vietnam to US as well. For example, we want to build a lot of houses. And maybe we can cooperate in this field. 
One problem with our manufacturing is that it is still quite low tech and in the future if that trend continues, we can not compete on the global scale. So is there any chance for the cooperation in that?
I think the aerospace, vehicle manufacturing, construction technology, Los Angeles is the manufacturing capital of the United States. We have both low end manufacturing and high end manufacturing. But I think with the strategic partnership that Vietnam has had with the United States, we have a lot of military companies and thus we can cooperate. 
After the direct flight, will there be the visa relaxation for Vietnamese after the direct flight?
 Last year, the number of tourists came to US fall because of the impression that going to US is getting more and more difficult. That is a regret. I also want to find a easier way for people to come to the United States. We have signed the agreements with some countries such as China, and from that we can double the number of tourists from China. 
Vietnam is the closer ally and also the strategic partner. I myself will encourage the President, the administration to find the ways to relax so that more Vietnamese people, business people and students can come to US.
Thank you for your nice talk!