BizLIVE - Accompanying rental customers of real estate affected by Covid-19, HDBank offers loans with a limit of up to VND 2 billion at favorable interest rates and a grace period of up to 24 months.
HDBank Introduces Recovery Packages for Micro Enterprises
With the rapid spread of the Covid-19 pandemic in many countries and the continuous strains due to the pandemic, Vietnam still shows its effectiveness in controlling the pandemic while ensuring ongoing economic activities without interruptions, albeit on a narrower scale than before, and short-term economic growth is still significantly affected.
For the retail industry, the increase in social distancing measures has affected the consumption of people. Most of the lessees have been suffering significant decreases in terms of their revenues and operations. The lessors who lease business locations have been also affected badly when numerous locations were returned while supporting lessees by reducing rent by up to 50% during peak times of the pandemic.  
Understanding and sharing the difficulties that real estate lessors are facing at the moment, HDBank pioneers in supporting customers with financial solutions through the “Favorable Lending, whole hand sharing” program.
Accordingly, from now until February 28, 2021, HDBank will prioritize loans with a credit limit up to VND 2 billion at competitive interest rates and the grace period of 24 months at the maximum to individual customers and micro enterprises with main incomes from leasing business locations/premises. Also, the Bank will waive commitment to withdraw capital and reduce early repayment fee. Loan procedures are simple, flexible, fast, and convenient.
The program is applied by HDBank at all transaction points nationwide, thereby contributing to easing out the debt repayment pressure on customers in the beginning of the loan term and creating opportunities for customers to recover their business in the near future.
Accompanying customers as lessees of business premises/locations who are struggling to stabilize their business, HDBank has introduces “Taking Rent with No Worry, Running Business with Full Confidence, and Getting Loans without Fear of Covid” promotion program with low interest rates, high credit limit and long principal grace period.
In addition, from the beginning of the year until now, HDBank has set aside VND 24,000 billion for preferential loans to small and medium enterprises; VND 10,000 billion to micro businesses, business households, individual customers. HDBank also exempted or reduced most of the transaction fees to share with customers facing difficulties caused by Covid-19.
The focus of all resources and a variety of credit packages suitable for each customer group to support customers through difficult periods is a strong affirmation of the motto “Commitment to the best interest” to customers, for the social community that HDBank has been implementing over the 30 years of establishment and development of the Bank.