BizLIVE - As a pioneer in product and service innovation to optimize customers’ interests, HDBank is the first bank to increase the term of home loans and home repair loans up to 35 years with a grace period of up to 12 months.
HDBank Increases the Term of Home Loans and Home Repair Loans up to 35 Years
Loans for purchase or hire-purchase of houses, lands and apartment and for home construction and repair rendered by HDBank are for individual customers across the country. In addition to competitive preferential interest rates with the limit of up to 85% of total capital needs, HDBank also applies flexible repayment methods accommodating customers’ financial sources, such as monthly or quarterly repayment scheme of interest and principal. HDBank offers simple procedure and short processing time.
The Covid-19 pandemic has caused fluctuation in the economy and strong impact on the various industries, including the housing market. However, some segments with “upstream” credits such as logistics properties, industrial properties, mid-range and low-priced housing are still attractive to and welcomed by customers.
According to the general trend in the market as well as the psychology of the majority of Vietnamese, the ownership of a property is always the first priority in life towards peaceful settlement and wealth accumulation. With the loan program for renting, purchasing and repairing real properties, HDBank has just increased the tenure to 35 years with flexible repayment schemes in line with the income ability and financial plan of customers. This is the golden time for middle-income earners who have comparatively small saving to realize their dream of home-sweet-home.
This significant change in the tenure of loans for purchase/hire-purchase of houses, lands and apartment and for house construction and repairing offered by HDBank is expected not only to lever up the demands of the economy in general and the real estate market in particular but only to allow people and investors to take advantage of the opportunities to secure houses at good prices.
HDBank is one of the major banks with total assets of 250 trillion dong and stocks listed in the Vietnam’s stock exchange. The Bank has attracted many partners and international financial institutions for cooperation and is pioneering digital transformation to welcome new economic opportunities offered by the 4.0 technology revolution. On the journey towards becoming a leading SME, retail, finance and consumer bank, HDBank gives special priority to renewable energy programs, rural agriculture, households, small businesses, and the essential needs of the people, etc., directing towards sustainable values.