BizLIVE - Over 10 years of developing in the real estate market in Vietnam, Gamuda Land Vietnam has not only developed two reputation urban areas, Gamuda City (Hanoi) and Celadon City (Ho Chi Minh), but also pioneered in creating a modern, healthy and sustainable life for the community. 
Gamuda Land Vietnam Consolidates its Position in the Real Estate Market in Vietnam with Phase 2 of the Gamuda City Project
Gamuda City is one of the largest urban projects in Vietnam spread over a campus of nearly 300 hectares. Strategically located not far from the center of Hanoi, Gamuda City is embraced by the green and peaceful area of the Yen So Park. With a complex area of green trees and natural lakes, this place is considered as the largest "green lung" in Hanoi, providing a fresh living space with beautiful scenery for residents who live and work here.
Gamuda City consists of 4 main subdivisions: Yen So Park and Yen So sewage treatment plant, Gamuda Gardens, Gamuda Central and Gamuda Lakes.
After completing Phase 1 of Gamuda City project by improving the living environment at Yen So Lake, Yen So Park and developing the community of Gamuda Gardens urban area in Tran Phu, Hoang Mai, Hanoi, from 2011, Gamuda Land Vietnam with the mission of "Pioneering the creation of a green urban area" and transforming Hoang Mai from a underdeveloped land into a worth living project in the south of Hanoi.
By the end of 2020, Gamuda Land Vietnam has completed nearly 1.300 landed units and more than 2.100 apartments with a density of 90% of residents living here, creating a community of civilized people, blowing new winds contribute to change the face of the southern area of Hanoi.
Hoang Mai district has constructed and upgraded a spate of transport infrastructure works to improve the public transport network and reduce urban traffic jams. During more than 10 years of development, the southern Hanoi has invested in building many new urban areas, social infrastructure, technical infrastructure, especially traffic system with key projects.
The core values of Gamuda Land Vietnam: Sincerity, Responsibility and Originality are continued to be preserved and developed in the new period to strongly promote energy for brand value.
Gamuda City new identity is in line with the new strategy and vision has been declared and implemented in practice; affirming that Gamuda Land Vietnam is not only an investor specializing in providing simple construction solutions but a responsible green-living urban developer with respect to the environment, society and the community.
Gamuda City's new logo with a soft curve symbol under the word Gamuda represents the rhythm of creation, the movement of the growth as well the flow of life, where nature meets urban. The letter I in the word "City" is infrastructure master planning residential area. The stylized letter C is expressed as the organic fluid represents natural components (leaves and water) that are the elements that make Gamuda City's green urban area. Built with an open structure, the whole new logo gives the public a sense of an holistic environment, with organic flow, fluidity integration & connectivity.
Changing the Gamuda City logo, but the spirit and the most important core values of Gamuda Land Vietnam  are still preserved and maintained throughout the past, present and future is the vision of "No1 foreign developer in Vietnam”. 
Mr. Dennis Ng Teck Yow - General Director of Gamuda Land Vietnam said that, in the world, usually about 10-15 years, businesses will renew their brand once, even there are many cases of changing the name due to the change in development strategy.
Along with the mission statement “Placing people and the community first. Being agile in responding to market climate to ensure sustainable growth. Delivering developments that balance lifestyle with the environment. Naturing entrepreneurship to deliver enhanced value to our stakeholders”.  With the launch of a new brand identity for Gamuda City, Gamuda Land Vietnam wants to show a profound change in its mind, action and future direction to truly be a real estate developer. and a staple in the digital age of an extremely strongly digital society. Gamuda Land Vietnam also wants to create more awareness in term of our ESG compliance as well as the awaress towards sustainability development.