Vietnam Reduces Power Purchase from China

Tuan Minh

14:41 13/07/2016

BizLIVE - Vietnam has cut down the purchase of electricity from China while increasing power generation by coal-fired plants.

Vietnam Reduces Power Purchase from China

Vietnam has reduced purchasing power from China. (Photo:

China-sourced power accounted for just 1.38% of electricity produced and bought in Vietnam in the first half of this year, marking a considerable fall from a year earlier, according to data of Electricity of Vietnam (EVN), the sole power distributor in the country.
Out of 84.75 billion kWh produced and bought by EVN in the period, 28.3% came from hydropower plants, 29.3% from gas-fired plants, and 1.24% from oil-fueled plants.
Notably, power generated by coal-fired plants, mostly by Vinh Tan 2 and Duyen Hai 1, accounted for 39.87% of the total, ensuring the supply for southern provinces.
Power consumption in July, a peak month of the year, is expected to climb to 531 million kWh per day on average. EVN has affirmed that it is capable of meeting demands this month.


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