Vietnam Inflation May Stay below 1% This Year

Tuan Minh

10:46 24/11/2015

BizLIVE - Vietnam’s consumer prices could increase less than 1% this year, far below the government’s target of 5%.

Vietnam Inflation May Stay below 1% This Year

Vietnam's CPI are likely to have risen 0.07% month-on-month in November.

The consumer price index (CPI) in Vietnam is estimated to have advanced 0.07% in November from October and 0.34% from the same period of 2014, the General Statistics Office has said in a report.
The country’s CPI has increased 0.58% in the January-November period. Following this pattern, the CPI is likely to grow less than 1% for the whole 2015.
During November, prices of nine out of the 11 goods categories have gone up and two down, all with slight fluctuations.
The housing, electricity, water, fuel and building materials group has posted the sharpest rise in prices, of 0.32% month-on-month, driven by price hikes in gas, kerosene and tap water.
The price of the restaurant and food services group, which has the largest weight in the basket for CPI calculation, has grown 0.05% month-on-month.  
The transportation group, meanwhile, is down 0.38% in the month, marking the fourth month of decline in a row, thanks to cuts to fuel prices.
The prices of gold and the U.S. dollar, which are not used for CPI calculation, are estimated to have fallen 0.64% and 0.32% month-on-month in November, respectively.


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