Vietnam – 4th Largest Foreign Investment Recipient in Asia-Pacific in 2015

Tuan Minh

18:09 10/06/2016

BizLIVE - Vietnam attracted $21.1 billion in FDI in 2015, accounting for 7% of the whole flow into Asia-Pacific.

Vietnam – 4th Largest Foreign Investment Recipient in Asia-Pacific in 2015

A Vietnamese flag waving on the Fansipan mountain. (Photo: Internet)

Foreign direct investment (FDI) in Vietnam reached $21.1 billion in 2015, making up 7% of the whole figure in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, according to a report by fDiIntelligence, run by Financial Times.
The amount put Vietnam on the fourth position among the largest FDI recipients in the region.
The number of foreign-invested projects in the Southeast Asian country declined 8% year-on-year to 224 in 2015, says the report.
The total capital investment in the region increased 29% to $320.5 billion last year although the number of FDI projects decreased 7%.
India replaced China as leading recipient of capital investment in Asia-Pacific with announced FDI of $63 billion, as well as an 8% increase in project numbers to 697. Meanwhile, China suffered a 23% decline in capital investment and a 16% drop in FDI projects.
Foreign investment in Myanmar rose to $10.8 billion, with three major investments each valued at $1.6 billion or above.
Foreign investors committed to put $24.1 billion in the country in 2015, up 10% from a year earlier, the Foreign Investment Agency under Vietnam’s Ministry of Planning and Investment said in a report in March 2016.
They registered to invest $16.34 billion in 2,120 fresh projects and add $7.77 billion to 918 operational projects last year. The biggest investors were South Korea, Malaysia, Japan and Taiwan.



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