TPP Presents Tremendous Pressure for Vietnamese SMEs

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10:50 23/01/2016

BizLIVE - Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) Chief Yasuzumi Hirotaka once again urged the government to better the business environment for Vietnamese SMEs at 5th Vietnam-Japanese Supporting Industries Forum.

TPP Presents Tremendous Pressure for Vietnamese SMEs

Mr. Yasuzumi Hirotaka, JETRO Chief.

JETRO chief, Mr. Yasuzumi Hirotaka expressed concern about the surge of foreign companies investing in Vietnam once the Trans-Pacific Partnership had been signed.
At the Forum, he warned that we had been looking at an askew playing field, where large corporations with extensive capital and resources would try to crowd out local companies in supporting industries. The situation is especially bleak for countries such as Vietnam, where the business environment for supporting industries is not particularly well planned-out. 
Mr. Hirotaka pointed out that there had been certain elements hindering supporting SMEs’ competency while TPP is approaching: the absence of preferential credit policies for SMEs, outdated technology and business strategies.
He urged the government to have urgent actions, starting with building policies that truly support SMEs in six major industries: mechanical engineering, electronics - information technology, pharmaceutical - rubber, food processing, leather and textile. The government also needs to simplify procedures for SMEs to access credit and build better business climate.
At the moment, the Ministry of Science and Technology is working on a proposal to establish funds focusing on researching new and efficient technology for supporting industries. The proposal will be presented to the Prime Minister of Vietnam for approval in March 2016.


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