“Tet Has Pleasantly Amazed Me,” Says Argentine Ambassador

Tuan Minh

07:00 10/02/2016


Argentine Ambassador to Vietnam Claudio Ricardo Gutiérrez revealed with BizLIVE his experience of and appreciation for Vietnam’s Tet holiday.  

“Tet Has Pleasantly Amazed Me,” Says Argentine Ambassador

Argentine Ambassador to Vietnam Claudio Ricardo Gutiérrez.

Mr. Claudio Ricardo Gutiérrez took office as Ambassador of Argentina to Vietnam in August 2013. The diplomat talked about the Argentine-Vietnamese relationship and his observations of Tet holiday in the Southeast Asian country.
Your Excellency Mr. Ambassador, Vietnam and Argentina established diplomatic relations more than 40 years ago. Could you kindly name the highlights of the bilateral relationship over the past few years?
There have been many important events, but I would like to highlight the opening of the Embassies in Buenos Aires and Hanoi in 1996 and 1997, and the appointment of respective ambassadors of Vietnam to Argentina and of Argentina to Vietnam.
I want to mention also the importance of numerous high-ranking delegations that have paid visits to both countries over the past few years, including those at presidential level. The visits have strengthened our friendship bonds and brought about major agreements between the two countries.
Among these agreements, we reached a deal in 2014 that allowed the opening up of Vietnamese and Argentine markets for animal and plant-sourced products for human consumption. This accord creates opportunities for the two countries to trade more products, leading to an increase in bilateral trade.
In which areas Argentina and Vietnam look to solidify mutual cooperation in the future?
We have been cooperating and see the need to increase cooperation in the sectors of agriculture and livestock, international commercial negotiations, tourism and investment.
Have you ever spent some Lunar New Year holiday in Vietnam? Could you share about your experience? Which Vietnamese traditions have impressed you the most?
I have experienced Lunar New Year in Vietnam and been pleasantly amazed. It’s very special to observe, from many weeks before the festivity, how the whole country prepares for these festive days, especially motorcycles carrying gifts and decorative items. We can feel around a joyful and eager atmosphere showing that a big festivity is nearing.
It’s impressive to see the dynamism of the people in streets and temples. People look cheerful and they seem to talk only about how to celebrate.
Among the Vietnam traditions that I appreciate the most, every year all families gather together again, to cook and enjoy delicious typical dishes. It’s such a unique and special event. These traditions are so symbolic and spiritually meaningful that the Vietnamese people should continue to preserve in 2016 and the years to come.
2016 Lunar New Year is approaching and Vietnam is seeing a lot of changes. What are your wishes for the Vietnamese people?
I wish good health, prosperity and happiness for everyone. May the nation keep growing in peace for the sake of all of its citizens.
Thank you very much!


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