Takashimaya Opens First Store in Vietnam

Truong Ky

17:29 02/12/2015

BizLIVE - Japan’s leading department store chain Takashimaya will set up its first store in Vietnam, which will be located at Saigon Centre, Ho Chi Minh City.

Takashimaya Opens First Store in Vietnam

Façade of Takashimaya department store in Kyoto, Japan.

Japan’s leading The store will span 15.000 square meters retail space, taking almost one fourth of available leasing space at this property.

 Takashimaya is shifting its focus towards China and ASEAN markets. Takashimaya’s first store in Saigon Centre will also be the company’s first in Southeast Asia, expected to open in July 2016. There are also expansion plans into Thailand. The first department store will open in 2017.

Takashimaya is the next in a wave of Japanese retail companies eyeing expansion in ASEAN. Aeon department stores are already set upin Malaysia (58 stores), Vietnam, Cambodia. Isetan Mitsukoshi stores are present in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and possibly looking for business in Cambodia and Vietnam.

Started as a thrift shop in Kyoto since 1831, Takashimaya was incorporated in 1919 and has expanded throughout Japan since then. Through its 180-year history, Takashimaya now has 20 department stores in Japan and three abroad (Singapore, Shanghai, Taipei).