Rising Smartphone Ownership in Vietnam Offers Big Chance for Mobile Marketers

Tuan Minh

15:31 19/02/2016

BizLIVE - Mobile marketers have a plenty of opportunities to tap the growing penetration of smartphones in Vietnam, where more than one third of the population have an internet-connected phone.

Rising Smartphone Ownership in Vietnam Offers Big Chance for Mobile Marketers

Young people use wireless devices at a coffee shop in downtown Hanoi. (Photo: Forbes)

About 36% of the Vietnamese population have a smartphone, and the rate is even higher in urban areas, which brings a tremendous opportunity for mobile marketers, Forbes said in a post.
Forbes cited a research from DI Marketing as saying that for nine out of ten smartphone users, the device is their sole means of accessing the internet. For 80% of those users, visiting social networks was the primary activity.
In addition, social media, especially Facebook and Instagram, are very popular platforms in Vietnam.  
All these facts mean that brands can reach Vietnamese consumers through their mobile device.
According to surveys, content that is funny or useful is popular, and better in the form of a video.
Short videos that drive home an idea in an easy, simple and often quirky way can be exceptionally effective, Sumesh Peringeth, CEO of Saigon-based creative agency Dinosaur, says. “In such situations, humor works the best. Who doesn’t like a funny story?”
With smartphones still to reach the hands of tens of millions of Vietnamese, smart and savvy marketers who can tap in to what makes local consumers respond will be set to reap the rewards, Brett Davis of Forbes concluded.


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