How Does Consumption of Seasonal Goods Change in Vietnam in Summer?

Tuan Minh

15:08 15/06/2017

BizLIVE - Millions of Vietnamese consumers change seasonal habits when summer comes in relation to the products usage and consumption serving their shift in tuning behavior that matches the lifestyle of hot weather days, trips to the shore and vacation mindsets.

How Does Consumption of Seasonal Goods Change in Vietnam in Summer?

Consumption of beverages tend to rise in summer. Photo:

Summer is found to be the 2nd most important and promising season of the year after Tet in northern and central regions for Beverage, Dairy-based and Personal Care products, according to Quarterly Market Pulse report released by Nielsen Vietnam.
An average sale per month, compared to Tet, in summer time is observed to be significantly high. Assuming Tet sale equals to $100, summer sales starting from May to August for total FMCG comes around $87, $89 and $90 for the northern, central and southern regions, respectively.
When looking into specific categories such as Beverage, Diary and Personal Care, the sale in summer time is relatively higher than that in remaining six months of the year. For Beverages (including beers), average sale in summer is $91 for both North and Central, compared to $84 for remaining six months of the year.
Likewise, the signal is even more positive for Diary and Personal Care. Average sale in North reaches $108 for Diary and $104 for Personal Care, even higher than sale number in Tet.
“It is understandable that holiday modes have positive influence on consumers to purchase more products, to keep them refreshed and entertained during the hot summer season, and to serve their special needs for vacation trips and outdoor activities,” said Nguyen Anh Dzung, director of Retail Measurement Services at Nielsen Vietnam.
Summer needsdo increase consumption for multiple categories. When compared sales of average month versus summer time, beverage categories such as sport drinks, ready-to-drink tea, packaged water, and beer often peaked in this season.
Even categories that are perceived to be more stable like personal care (shampoo, personal wash) and dairy (spoon yogurt, ready-to-drink milk) also show seasonal uplift in summer months.



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