Experts Ring Alarm Bell on Vietnam’s Water Shortages

Tuan Minh

14:13 20/04/2017

BizLIVE - Risk of water shortage for Vietnam is not only a forecast but also a reality in various areas across the country.

Experts Ring Alarm Bell on Vietnam’s Water Shortages

Vietnam is already facing water shortages. Photo: Internet

Vietnam is facing huge challenges to water resources security as climate change becomes more unpredictable, said Prof. Nguyen Mai, chairman of the Vietnam Association of Foreign Invested Enterprises (VAFIE), at an international workshop on water resources security in Hanoi on April 19.
Prof. Nguyen Mai. Photo: Minh Tuan 
Mai cited researches as saying that up to 63% of fluvial flows into Vietnam originate in china, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. Meanwhile, industrialization, use of water flows and expansion of irrigated plantations in upstream countries are posing challenges to Vietnam.
“Natural disasters and climate change are posing risks to the balance of water resources. Drying-up rivers, prolonged heat and decreases in rainfall are threatening all regions of the country,” Mai noted.
Echoing with Mai, Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Tran Viet Thanh said that climate change has been making challenges on water resources more complicated and unpredictable.
On the back of decreases in river water and ground water levels, the demand for water in daily life and production is constantly going up due to the industrialization and fast urbanization process.
Tran Dinh Hoa, deputy director of the Vietnam Academy for Water Resources (VAWR), stated that Vietnam is already classified as a water-stressed country as the annual volume of domestically generated water is 3,370 cubic meters per capital, below the 4,000 cu.b-threshold set by the International Water Resources Association.
However, the majority of the Vietnamese still assume that water resources are endless and consume water without a saving mindset.
“Risk of water shortage for Vietnam is not only a forecast but also a reality in various areas across the country,” Hoa warned.
To help Vietnam secure the future of its water security, Germany is willing to provide Vietnam with cutting-edge water treatment technology, state Jorg Ruger from the German Embassy in Hanoi.
Peter Stamm, member of the Committee for the German Water Partnership, said this organization has carried out a number of projects in Vietnam and is ready to transfer know-how and equipment to Vietnam.  
The Hanoi People’s Committee has asked for support from the German government to improve water supply and wastewater treatment in the city.



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