Expats Favor Vietnam for Chance to Save More Money: Survey

Tuan Minh

17:51 05/12/2015

BizLIVE - Vietnam, coupled with China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore, stands out in Asia overall for offering expats the chance to save more money and enjoy greater disposable income, an HSBC report has shown.

Expats Favor Vietnam for Chance to Save More Money: Survey

A foreigner is trying to cross the street in Hanoi. (Photo: wordpress.com)

Vietnam tops the regional league table with 67% of expats in the country seeing an increase in their disposable income and 68% increasing the amount they save, according to HSBC’s latest expat survey.
Source: HSBC Expat Survey. December 2015
Meanwhile in China, 68% of expats enjoy more disposable income living in the country and 65% can save more than they did at home. This makes the country one of the top destinations for improving personal finances.
The report also shows that Asia Pacific offers the easiest financial set up for high-earning expats, with 73% (of all income levels) saying that setting up financially in New Zealand is easy, followed by Singapore (63%) and Australia (56%).
Source: HSBC Expat Survey. December 2015
“Asia offers some of the most financially rewarding opportunities, allowing expats to boost their standard of living and raise lifestyle aspirations. While British and Americans comprise the majority of expats in the region, our survey shows a significant proportion of Asians working in the region: Australians working in China and Vietnam; Indians in Malaysia and Indonesia; Filipinos in Malaysia and Malaysians and Indonesians in Singapore,” said Justin Bull, head of Premier Wealth, HSBC Expat, Hong Kong.
“We can only expect the intra-Asian expatriate wave to strengthen with further growth and economic integration in the region. As the ASEAN moves closer to economic cohesion, skilled labor will be needed to raise the region’s competitiveness.”
“In addition, new trade and investment agreements that link economies closer will pave the way for more international postings between Asia and developed markets. It is truly a world of exciting prospects for a growing number of mobile professionals and skilled workers,” added Justin Bull.
The Expat Explorer survey is commissioned by HSBC Expat and conducted by YouGov. Now in its eighth year, it is the largest and one of the longest running global surveys of expats, with 21,950 respondents sharing their views on different aspects of life abroad, including personal earnings, careers, experience and family. 


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