English Remains Significant Barrier for Managers in Vietnam: Report

Tuan Minh

15:53 05/11/2015

BizLIVE - English proficiency remains a major challenge for managers in Vietnam, despite their positive rating in communication skill and learning ability, according to a Navigos Search report.

English Remains Significant Barrier for Managers in Vietnam: Report

Foreign firms face difficulty in finding managers in Vietnam. (Photo: Internet)

As many as 31% respondents in Vietnam survey consider English is in top three most important factors in recruiting management employees, Navigos Search said in a report entitled “Challenges in recruitment and retention for foreign firms,” conducted in Singapore, Thailand, Japan and Vietnam.
“It is clear that low English proficiency will be a significant barrier for managers in Vietnam when the ASEAN Economic Community takes effect by the end of 2015, which will permit free flow of labor in eight industries,” says the report.
Among the report’s findings, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam are all facing a shortage of candidates for management positions, in both quantity and quality.
Due to employees’ lack of loyalty to firm, companies in Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam are facing a major challenge in retaining managers. In addition, lack of creativity is a common weakness shared by managers in Japan and the three Southeast Asian countries.
In Vietnam, responsibility, communication and similar working experience are skills with the highest level of satisfaction. Meanwhile, leadership skill and creativity are skill with the lowest levels of satisfaction.
Surveys show that the biggest challenges in retaining managers in Vietnam are better remuneration by industry peers, lack of career development opportunities and inability to cooperate with line manager.
“The lack of skilled mid-career and management level talents has been existing in Vietnam for a long while. However, through this survey, we learn that it is not only in Vietnam, it is a regional challenge,” says Nguyen Thi Van Anh, managing director of Navigos Search.
According to this survey result, local management human resource is lacking not only management and leadership skill but also English. “This is obviously a disadvantage for Vietnam to attract foreign investment, especially when the ASEAN Economic Community comes into effect from end of this year and when Vietnam is a member of TPP [Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement,” she adds.


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