Coca Cola Vietnam Fined $20,000 for Food Safety Infringement

Truong Ky

17:09 29/07/2016


The Ministry of Health has placed a $20.000 (433 million dong) fine on Coca Cola Vietnam for violations of food safety regulations.

Coca Cola Vietnam Fined $20,000 for Food Safety Infringement

Thirteen of Coca Cola's products have been denied distribution.

The Ministry of Health (MoH) has filed a civil action against the Coca Cola Vietnam Company, represented by Mr. Nguyen Van Quyet, director of supply chain on behalf of Coca Cola Vietnam’s general director.

According to MoH, Coca Cola Vietnam has committed two violations. First of all, the Company failed to provide food safety certificate for the three entities belong to Coca Cola Vietnam in Thu Duc Province, Hanoi and Da Nang. The fine for this violation is $3,363.

Secondly, the Company has produced a batch of Samurai energy drink not meeting the required content of Acid Folic. The fine for the second violation is $16,056. The total fine is about $20,000. The MoH has also confiscated one batch of Samurai energy drink as proof.

Leading to this fine, inspectors had examined Coca Cola Vietnam facilities as well as suppliers’ for 45 days.

The MoH has also ordered 6 provinces and cities to halt distribution of 13 Coca Cola products until the Company provides sufficient documentation that guarantees food safety of these products. Recently Coca Cola Vietnam has announced it has all the required certificates shortly after the MoH’s actions.


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