BizNEWS - Economic news stream for foreign investors


09:36 02/10/2015


The BizLIVE newswire will debut its BizLIVE site on October 2, 2015.

BizNEWS - Economic news stream for foreign investors

Ảnh minh họa.

The newswire BizLIVE, the mouthpiece of the Vietnam Association for Foreign-invested Enterprises (VAFIE) will launch the BizNEWS section with a prime aim to meet increasing needs for information of foreign-invested companies in Vietnam. 

BizNEWS is expected to bridge foreign investors with the Vietnamese Government and the domestic enterprise community, to convey expectations, restlessness of transnational companies, airing their voices to policymakers in order to improve the business environment and boost their contributions to Vietnam’s socio-economic development. 

The site will update subsections 24/7 (brief and notable economic news), CEO Chat (dialogues with executives of foreign-invested enterprises), Zoom In (impacting figure of the day), Feedback Corner (feedbacks by overseas entrepreneurs on policies), Don’t Miss (agenda of events), and In-depth (featured articles on operations of foreign investors). 

On the course of perfection, the site will gradually improve and supplement new contents in order to beef up its quality and reflect more closely activities of foreign-invested firms and their CEOs. 

BizLIVE indeed welcomes feedbacks and comments from readers so that the site will always be a truly close friend of readers.

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