Another Taiwanese Firm Fined for Polluting in Vietnam

Tuan Minh

18:19 11/09/2016

BizLIVE - Taiwan’s Header Plan Company has been fined $9,180 for polluting a canal in southern Vietnam.

Another Taiwanese Firm Fined for Polluting in Vietnam

Several Taiwanese in Vietnam have been found polluting the environment. Photo: Nguyen Long/Thanh Nien

The local government of Dong Nai province has imposed a fine of 205 million ($9,180) on Taiwanese-invested Header Plan Company for discharging contaminated wastewater into the Moi canal which flows into the Dong Nai river.
The Taiwanese firm, which focuses on producing mechanical parts, has been asked to clean up the pollution before the end of this month, local media reported.
The fine was announced after the provincial Department of Natural Resources and Environment stepped into to investigate the wastewater discharged by Header Plan, following complaints lodged by locals living near the company’s factory.
The department found that the wastewater released by Header Plan Co. had pollutants exceeding the allowable levels by two to five times.
Header Plan is the latest wholly Taiwanese-invested company to be fined for polluting the surroundings.    
Viet Phuoc Agricultural Produce Co., Ltd. Located in Binh Phuoc province in July was fined $18,000 for throwing hundreds of dead pigs into the environment, near the upstream of the Saigon river.
The most notorious case was Formosa Ha Tinh Steel Company, whose steel mill discharged toxins into the sea that caused an environmental disaster in four Vietnamese central coastal province.
The firm had to pay $500 million in compensation to make up for the damage that caused thousands of fishermen to lose their jobs.