AmCham Lays out Suggestions to Vietnam Government

Tuan Minh

17:21 29/04/2016

BizLIVE - Virginia B. Foote, from the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) put forward recommendations to the Vietnamese government at a meeting Friday.

AmCham Lays out Suggestions to Vietnam Government

Virginia B. Foote from AmCham Vietnam speaks at a meeting between the government and businesses. (Photo: screenshot)

The AmCham representative suggested the new Vietnamese government to accelerate administrative reforms and improve the business environment. The following are excerpts from her remarks:
We appreciate very much the ongoing effort to keep working with the government on structural reform for decrees, circulars and other legal regulations.
We hope that the National Assembly in July can ratify the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) in July so that we can work with the government on the new laws that will be drafted for TPP implementation.  
We would like to recommend that the ongoing process of administrative reforms will be part of Vietnam’s success under TPP. We would like to work with you to adopt systems to reduce the inefficiencies of cash, paper, and face-to-face transactions for business-to-business and business-to-government payments that lead to corruption.  
We recommend that the accounting principles move to global standards as quickly as possible so that Vietnamese enterprises can enter global value chains, supply chains and equitization process can happen smoothly.
We are delighted that the Fulbright University of Vietnam will soon be launched. We recommend relevant agencies focus on human resource development, natural sciences, technology and high-quality vocational training for industries to meet practical requirements.  
On the environment, we are pleased that Vietnam has joined world leaders in pledging measures to address critical issues affecting our climate. The drought in Vietnam’s southern provinces and the increasingly dangerous air quality in Hanoi show that Vietnam is no exception both to a contributor of the problem and a sufferer of the great effect.
We very much support the adoption and enforcement of an environmental law.
We support a more focus on made-in-Vietnam energy plan, which would look at greater uses of renewable, natural gas and other clean sources of power for consumers and enterprises.    
Our report will be ready in the coming weeks where we address the real costs of imported coal, put a greater emphasis on domestic alternatives and innovation for enterprises to ensure that Vietnam meets environmental, health, economic and geopolitical needs.  
We look forward to additional transparency in administrative reforms in both tax and customs.  
VBF members expect the new government to increase productivity and reduce the costs and risks of doing business for enterprises to ensure the private sector and all the Vietnamese economy flourishes. 


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